Welcome to the newly-resurrected blog about the books and ramblings of

Natalie Smothers

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If you’re looking for a site with deep, philosophical thoughts and bons mots, you’ve probably walked right past it on your way over. You’re more likely to find Chex mix and dirty limericks here, which is how we like it. Other things you’ll find around here are books, more books, blog posts and a couple of bent photographs. Hopefully you’ll find something that’s to your liking.

This blog is super-special because it has posts from not one, but TWO defunct blogs. There are posts about my “creative process” (man, that feels pretentious), news about books, and many Oxford commas. Sometimes I’ll even post about my cats, who are also known as my unhelpful assistants.

I love feedback, so send all your questions to nataliesbooks@gmail.com and I’ll answer. Unless you’re a creeper, I’ll always answer. Probably even if you’re a creeper. It’s not like I haven’t heard it all before.